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ONE Rule: Yeeters yeet

Synergy by Yeetum is a hub for building, sharing information, creating, collaborating, researching, analyzing, and yeeting through life.

You’re free to share and distribute the information discovered within your personal information networks. Please return the favor as you stumble upon interesting articles, charts, data, and ideas as you explore the cyber webs.

Report all suspected disinformation based on your judgement, together we must ensure high-quality information shared.

You may be thinking “IDK what to do with all this information”, you’re not alone. Just remember your information diet on your devices will only benefit you from the actionable items you can take from it. Whether you’re barely learning to trade markets, solve a technical problem, or just curious - this community is designed to support and facilitate your success.

Our mission at Yeetum is to enable higher and deeper level information relationships with services & eco-system to develop talent, build community, and identify and execute on data-driven opportunity.

We do this by fostering community intelligence and high-value information sharing for Web3, business, and a broad range of higher information value content through Synergy’s eco-system. Share our discord @

Through our paid service, Eden Club, we are information advisors delivering daily deep value open-source intelligence, human asset network, crypto & market advisory, multi-disciplinary analyst capability and insight, private events, network, business, and information channels. Make sure to follow the on-boarding process! We prioritize zero-trust security. Then visit channel #what-is-synergy.